5 Drivers for Moving Business Communications to the Cloud  

Unified Communications in the Cloud

We have all heard about ‘the cloud.’ The cloud this, the cloud that. But should you move your business communications infrastructure to the cloud? There are good reasons to stay on-prem, and there are good reasons to move to the cloud. It really depends on your specific business requirements.

I recently wrote an article for toolbox.com outlining this in more detail.

In short, the five good reasons to move to the cloud are below, but if you want to read more go to the article:

  1. System robustness and uptime.
  2. You get new updates automatically.
  3. Cloud systems help with company growth.
  4. You may want to get a new business communication system, but you do not want to lay out all the CAPEX upfront.
  5. Enhanced mobility. Mobility is essential these days and will continue to be crucial if your company values remote work and work from home. Simply put, cloud Unified Communication systems enable you to work remotely much easier.

Cloud business communication systems are growing because they offer benefits and value to many customers. Did these drivers strike a chord with you? Maybe now is the time to move to the cloud. Read Sangoma’s cloud paper here.

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