Switchvox + SIPStation: A Winning Combination

Sangoma is a “one-stop shop” vendor, meaning that Sangoma offers everything you need for your UC solution. From the phone system with contact center features to faxing solutions that are still (surprisingly) very much in demand, Sangoma has a product for you. Certain combinations of those UC solutions really stand out, and perhaps one of the most popular combinations is Switchvox, our all features included UC phone system, and SIPStation, our award-winning SIP trunking services. 

Let’s make one thing clear: Switchvox by itself is already a stand-out winner. All features included (seriously, everything), an easy-to-use interface, and flexible deployment options –

all at a price that can’t be beat. Switchvox is built on Asterisk, the world’s most widely-used open source communication software, by the company who supports and maintains the Asterisk project. So, when a customer decides to deploy Switchvox in an on-premise environment and they’re looking for the phone service to pair with it, SIPStation SIP trunking joins the spotlight.

A SIP trunk is essentially phone service that “rides” over your internet connection. The revolutionary aspect about that delivery method is that, dollar for dollar, SIP trunking is cheaper than traditional analog or PRI service because you pay only for the channels you need. SIP trunking allows you to consolidate your technical infrastructure while taking advantage of your ISP (internet service provider) that is already there, making it a future-proof decision for your company’s communications. 

Business continuity is never an issue with Remote Call Forwarding which automatically directs calls to mobile phones or other locations in the event of a phone service outage. 

SIPStation is Sangoma’s award-winning SIP trunking service that is supported by the same team that will support your Switchvox system. Instead of calling three different companies, you have one point of contact for support and service. And, as an added perk, SIPStation can be set up and configured directly from the Switchvox interface. 

The combination of both Switchvox (either on-premise or virtual) with SIPStation is a winning combination for several reasons. 

  • SIPStation can be set up right in the Switchvox admin portal.
  • Using SIPStation means you also get SMS, expanding the way you communicate with your staff.
  • Switchvox has all features included with a path to migrate from on-premise or virtual to the Cloud. If your phone service is also with SIPStation, that only increases your flexibility.
  • Fax over the internet (FoIP) is also an option with FAXStation. You can keep your fax machine or consolidate to the Cloud – whatever is best for your company.

Most importantly, everything is being delivered through one vendor. While you are saving on your telephony bill with lower rates for local and long distance and simplifying your communications into a single data connection, Sangoma is here to provide end-to-end connectivity. 

Contact us now to see how you can reduce your telephony costs while maximizing your UC phone system with SIPStation + Switchvox.

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