Creating the Best Video Conferencing Experience for your Team

Consider how your video conferencing experience has been so far. Do you like the solution that your company uses, or do you wish it had features tailored to how you do business? You may even be adapting to using video conferencing so well that you are starting to consider updating your hiring practices to include more remote employees.

By this point, most companies are using some kind of face-to-face video service and, frankly, they all do similar things at their basic function.  

So, what’s the best video conferencing solution out there? 

This depends on a few factors, such as the type of business you are and what you use video conferencing for. 

Does it Have the Features You Need?

For example, if you are a small business and simply want to discuss how the team is doing, you’re not going to need any fancy features beyond sharing video and audio. But if your team gets together to collaborate, then you will want features like screen-sharing and maybe chat too. 

If you are a larger business you may be looking for:

  • Large participant capacity
  • Strict security to protect sensitive information shared on the calls
  • Email integration for quick meeting invitations
  • Ability to video conference with your external customers who require support for your product or services
  • Dial-in for participants who are unable to open the video conference service

After Features, It Comes Down to Ease of Use

You may find that many video conferencing solutions available today offer quite a few of these features, but then it comes down to their ease of use. 

Are you required to install a dedicated app? Do you have to log in each time to use it? Is it easy to screen-share or enable a different audio/video device?

The more time spent working around the particulars of a solution, the less efficient your team is – not to mention the growing feeling of frustration to get on another video call. These tools need to work for your team, intuitively, because we’ve all learned, all too fast, that business video conferencing solutions have become mission critical.

Have You Tried Sangoma Meet?

If you are looking for a video conferencing platform better suited for your business needs, take a look at Sangoma Meet! It’s easy-to-use and simple and lets you start a call right from the website,, with the click of a button. And if you want to invite someone to your call, simply share a meeting link, which automatically launches the conference from the browser on whatever computer they are using or from the optional desktop/mobile apps.  

Its features are intuitively designed so that you have an optimal video conferencing experience with your team. Sangoma Meet is:

  • Secure: Offers end-to-end encryption on 1-to-1 calls and high encryption for multiparty calls, without storing any of your information on any servers when routing your calls.
  • Reliable: Based on WebRTC technology, Sangoma Meet works over WiFi and cellular network and adapts to your network connection
  • Multi-Party: Have up to 50 participants on a single video call
  • Multi-Platform: Launch from browser, dedicated MacOS or Windows apps or iOS and Android apps!

Other features include Google and Outlook integration make meeting invites a breeze, as well as screen-share and chat to optimize productivity and collaboration on calls.

Sangoma Meet logo with video conferencing images on laptop and mobile deviceSangoma Meet is free to use, including all its features and with more coming too. Learn more about it, or better yet, start using it today by navigating to .

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