Updating Your ILEC, CLEC, or Coop Telecom Network Infrastructure

If you are one of the multiple hundreds of telecom coops, ILECs (Independent Local Exchange Carriers), or small CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers), it may be time to think about updating your voice network infrastructure. 

Due to a variety of factors, you may be thinking about cutting costs, especially on the voice side of the business. Why pay those expensive yearly maintenance fees on that softswitch? Or maybe your expensive high-end softswitch solution is getting old, and you want to replace it. Or maybe that same softswitch solution is just overpowered for your voice network needs today, and you want to right-size your voice platform.

No matter what the reason, a good solution could be looking at an enterprise switch that has been used in carrier environments. Someone who has an on-prem solution that you can put in your data center but that also has its own cloud solution based on that same technology, that you know can handle the traffic load on your network.

Sangoma is such a company. We have 1.5 million paid-for UC endpoints, with many of them on our own cloud.  

Sangoma Switchvox is present in many hundreds of enterprises of all sizes. The same product can and is currently being used in MSP environments, hosted on the MSP cloud. Switchvox is a great option to be the switch behind your voice network, if you are looking to change switches.

Let’s take a look at the architecture diagram below. Running your voice network is your voice switch and applications, such as voice mail, IVR, and even contact center applications. This is connected to different networks, such as different mobile networks or the PSTN through gateways and SBCs which help transcode different media codecs and also translate protocols such as from the SS7 network to and from the switch. This enables your network to connect to those outside your network.

High Level ILEC, CLEC, and Tele Coop Network Diagram

You also need wholesale SIP trunking so that you can resell SIP Trunking to your subscriber base. The ability to obtain DIDs, provision those numbers for SMS/MMS, offer fraud protection, and manage e911 services is critical to your customer base.

But you also need to connect the network to your subscribers, whether they are a home, a small or medium business, or a small or medium enterprise. These subscribers all have different kinds of endpoints, whether they are phones, computers, tablets, etc. Most likely, at this point in time, the subscriber (even a home) will not have a PSTN connection anymore. So the voice network will come into the subscriber through a SIP trunk. 

If it’s a large business doing a lot of minutes, then wholesale SIP trunking will be the preferred option to use. Retail SIP trunking will be the preferred option for smaller businesses or the home. Either way, the subscriber will want to buy a connection service that works for them.

How Sangoma Can Help

Sangoma can help in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at the network diagram again. As discussed above, Switchvox is Sangoma’s scalable PBX/Unified Communications system that can be your network voice switch. While it can be on-premise in an enterprise, or accessed through the Sangoma Cloud, we also have numerous installations in MSP environments, in the MSP data center and run on the MSP cloud.

Switchvox also comes with call reporting tools, IVR, voice mail, desktop faxing, and many contact center features in an all-inclusive, easy-to-understand affordable pricing model.

Switchvox ILEC, CLEC, Coop Network Diagram

Sangoma offers our own Vega and IMG gateways and SBCs that have been tested to work with Switchvox. The gateways can support up to 2250 SIP sessions and 2016 channels of SS7 signaling and will make connection to other networks as simple as possible.

Sangoma also offers our own phones and desktop and mobile clients that auto-provision within minutes to and with Switchvox. We offer a range of phones to suit your different subscriber needs. Our softphone clients enable chat, presence, and remote access to your business phone number and are included in the standard price of Switchvox. No hidden costs here.

Sangoma also offers both retail and wholesale SIP Trunking. Our wholesale SIP Trunking solution (SIPDepot) is designed for you to offer retail SIP trunking to your customers. Or if you want to resell wholesale SIP Trunking to your larger enterprises where appropriate, you can do that too. And if you want to use our retail SIP trunking, we have SIPStation as well. Whatever SIP trunking solution makes sense for you, we can discuss that.

As you can see, Sangoma offers a full range of potential ways we can help you both upgrade your existing telecom infrastructure and, at the same time, reduce your costs.

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