Communications Trends for 2020

People ask sometimes what’s going to happen in our industry in 2020. And I typically say “I don’t know” because I really don’t know. The telecommunications industry will always surprise you. But, usually, there are hints of what’s going to happen because something is already brewing in the background, and it will just come to fore or become more of a force in the coming year.

Communications Trends for 2020Take 5G. It’s easy to say it’s coming in 2020. But it’s not as easy to say that WiFi will continue to grow and, in fact, may take some of the luster off the need for 5G. Even within an office environment, it’s becoming more common for connections to your business phone system to be over WiFi – whether from a WiFi-enabled desk phone, a laptop softphone, or from a business phone system app that rings on your smartphone (which can be connected via WiFi or through a high speed cellular network). So it’s important that we not underestimate or forget the importance of WiFi in 2020.

And Artificial Intelligence, or at least smarter communication applications that can maybe predict what you may want or need due to data analysis, will become more and more commonplace.

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