Advantages of IP Phones for Business

The process of choosing a new phone system is broad, with many steps involved. Naturally, some parts of the process seem to be less important and are easily forgotten. The options for software, services, and other considerations get almost all the time and thought. However, the most important aspect for your users can easily be overlooked: the physical “phone” they will be handling every day.

While IP phones appear to look exactly like any other desk phone, they are actually small computers with several advantages. What most people don’t see is the wealth of features that IP phones possess that old-school analog, and even digital, phones do not. These features can help users boost productivity, make management easier for system administrators, and even include industry-specific benefits.

Designed for Productivity

One of the advantages of IP phones is the rich, productivity-enhancing feature set they provide. This is especially true of Sangoma IP phones. In addition to all the standard functions you expect from your phone handset, you gain access to next-level features like status reporting and visual voicemail. (You read that right. Visual voicemail on your desk phone!)

Another advantage of IP phones are buttons called busy lamp field (BLF) keys that allow the user to program phone features to a dedicated key for quick access. On Sangoma IP phones, this seemingly futuristic function is simple enough for any user to make use of with the intuitive user interface.

Designed for Managers and Admins

For anyone involved in managing or administering a phone system, one of the key advantages of IP phones is how easy they are for IT. Setting up new phones is usually streamlined by a web-based GUI or the phone’s own interface. Premium phones, such as the Sangoma IP phones, offer plug-and-play deployment that allows users to move phones around as needed without getting IT involved or changing extensions.

Other advantages of IP phones can be industry-specific, such as 3rd party integrations for those in the education industry or metrics for call center managers.

Next Steps

For more examples of the advantages of IP phones, watch VoIP experts discuss the advantages of IP phones in this UC Tech Chat!

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