Stress-Free Mobility for Government

With the implementation of the Telework Enhancement Act in 2010, there’s been a notable movement to remote and mobile working options for government employees. And while every government agency is required to have some form of telework policy, every office requires different resources to make mobility stress-free. Whether that entails acquiring more mobile technology or offering completely remote positions, government offices must have access to the security, flexibility, data, and tools that can maintain a cohesive and successful working environment.

Your office phone system plays a big role in communication, but a Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) simply can’t meet the needs of a growing remote workforce.

A Unified Communications (UC) solution offers the mobility features you need to ensure that office communications, training, and productivity are all streamlined. When compared to analog phone systems, UC offers softphone mobile and desktop apps, the ease of applying call rules, conferencing abilities, and other advanced call center features.

Here are some ways that UC can make mobility stress-free for government employees, managers, and IT admins.

Utilize Mobile Apps

A Unified Communications government phone system allows employees to enjoy the capabilities of their desk phone while they’re on the go, without sacrificing productivity.

With UC, employees can make and transfer calls from their cell phone, or even laptop, through their work extension. This means that personal phone numbers are kept private, giving employees more freedom to take calls on the go or after hours.

For managers looking to stay on top of productivity, modern UC government phone systems provide advanced reporting capabilities with insight into workload and performance. And since mobile employees and in-office workers are using the same system, IT admins can manage extensions with ease.

Save Money on Desk Phones

Paying for a phone system can seem overwhelming, and many government offices are looking to make do with tighter budgets. Items like deskphones add an additional telecommunications cost, and, even then, IT admins may find themselves struggling with end-of-life products and discontinued support in the future.

Rather than spend money on deskphones, a UC solution like Switchvox offers mobile softphone apps for iOS, Android, and desktop use. Employees can install the app on their personal or business device, and use the system as if they were calling through a deskphone— all with their work extension.

Enjoy Effortless Collaboration

When employees are working remote, especially if they’re in a different time zone, it can be difficult to coordinate meetings, calls, and other collaborative assignments.

A UC government phone system allows employees to use presence features, to show when they are available, on a call, on vacation, or out sick. Chat features and conference call capabilities also help connect remote and in-office employees, so everyone can remain up-to-date and informed.

With Switchvox, government agencies also have the option to integrate CRM software such as Slack, Chrome, Firefox, Outlook, and more— making it easier than ever to collaborate with remote colleagues.

A Switchvox UC phone system gives government agencies a secure, reliable way to connect and communicate without going over budget. Connect employees and citizens by integrating office communications such as phone, fax, chat, and web into a single system, while immediately improving agency efficiency.

Click here to learn more or contact a solutions specialist for assistance in determining the needs of your government agency, department, or office, as well as guidance in navigating the RFP process from start to finish.

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