4 Reasons People are Afraid of the Cloud (And Why You Shouldn’t Be)

All of us have fears, so it isn’t too hard to name some of the more common ones like arachnophobia (the fear of spiders), ophidiophobia (the fear of snakes), and acrophobia (the fear of heights). 

If you are reading this article, you may be nephophobic, that is, you may fear clouds. (Technically, that term is referring to those white, fluffy objects in the sky.) While, this fear is not as common as it once was, but there are still people who are wary of cloud technologies.

Ten years ago, this fear was not unwarranted. Telecom companies were just starting to offer cloud services and many experienced hiccups as they rushed too quickly to try to keep up with the big dogs. For some people, just the thought of not having a physical piece of hardware for their phone system was unnerving. However, so much has changed since then, and cloud has established itself as an affordable, reliable service across industries, including telecommunications.

Here are the top four concerns people have about cloud and why their fears should be put to rest.


Perhaps you are chrometophobic and dread the responsibility of buying products and services for your business. The good news is that you have options. Cloud and on-premise deployments are both great for different organizations. Companies that can afford to pay for all of the hardware upfront might choose on-premise over cloud.

However, many organizations like the fact that with cloud deployments, you can change your communications expense model from a capital expense to an operating expense. 


If you are a gamophobe, then you just shivered when you read “three-year plan.” Don’t worry; you don’t have to get locked into a long-term commitment with cloud. Sure, you can save some money by signing a one-year or three-year agreement, but the month-to-month option might be the best fit for you if you like to play it safe. 

Ease of Implementation

Disposophobes will have a hard time getting rid of the clutter in their server rooms but don’t fear, metathesiophobes. The Switchvox Cloud installation process is very easy, and you wouldn’t even notice a change in your user experience if you were to move from on-premise to the Cloud or vice versa. Switchvox was designed to have a low learning curve so that anyone in your organization can use it.

Plus, Switchvox Cloud customers receive full access to Sangoma’s admin and end-user training. From building and utilizing extensions to using our mobile app, almost every Switchvox feature has a video that corresponds to it and walks you through step-by-step processes. Plus, you can get help from our 24×7 support staff if you happen to have any issues. All of this is included with Switchvox Cloud. No hidden fees!


If you fear betrayal or trusting in people, you have pistanthrophobia; and you may be skeptical of cloud services’ reliability. Nevertheless, there is nothing to fear. Before we begin the installation process, our sales and technical staff will ensure that your business is suitable for a cloud-based phone system.

The majority of companies are already equipped for the Cloud, but if your company isn’t ready, we can suggest solutions for those obstacles. By taking these simple, proactive measures, we eliminate any possible future call quality issues.

And with Switchvox Cloud, all maintenance fees, future releases, and updates are included in your monthly price. We handle all of the maintenance and updates for you, and we wait to make sure that new releases are stable before installing them. Your system automatically stays up-to-date without you even noticing.

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