How to Celebrate National IT Professionals Day

Think of all the technology your business relies on to conduct its day-to-day activities. Most likely, your business would either be impossible or incredibly difficult to operate without these tools. That’s the thought behind National IT Professionals Day! When everything is going smoothly, it’s easy to forget your IT staff. But the moment there’s a hiccup in the Wifi or a server is down, suddenly they’re the most sought after employees in the building. Make a point today (and every third Tuesday in September!) to thank the IT professionals who keep your business technology up and running.

History of National IT Professionals Day

Ironically, the holiday was created by IT professionals who felt unappreciated for their vital function. The IT staff at technology infrastructure management company SolarWinds created the holiday in September 2015. The Austin, TX-based company polled its workforce and found that non-IT staff did underappreciate the work the IT staff did. In response, they put the holiday on their company calendar, and other businesses quickly followed suit. It was then submitted to and accepted by the National Day Calendar, a registry of informal holidays.

How to Celebrate National IT Professionals Day

In observing this holiday, don’t lose focus on the most important part: thanking the men and women who maintain your technology! Everything you do in observance should center around this.

The National Day Calendar has some suggestions easy enough for any business. These include remembering to thank your IT staff, sending a message of thanks on social media, and appreciating the insight that IT provides in operating a 21st century business.

Additionally, seek out some unique way of showing appreciation. Here are just a few ideas for making your National IT Professionals Day a success:

  • Throw an informal party with cake or doughnuts to bring attention to your IT professionals.
  • In addition to your social media, send a message of thanks around your organization internally.
  • Give a small gift or some company swag to your IT professionals to express your thanks.

Just make sure to send the message to your IT staff that they are appreciated and that their insight and support is crucial to your business’ success.

Next Steps

After National IT Professionals Day, don’t forget the IT staff that make your life easier! One of the best ways to show your appreciation every day of the year is to make sure the technology you choose for your business is reliable and easy to maintain. That includes your business phone system! Switchvox is easy to maintain and relied upon by millions, and it comes with as much or as little technical support as your IT staff needs.

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