Sangoma and Digium: Looking to the Future

As of this morning, Sangoma’s transformative acquisition of Digium is now complete, and the two companies have started to merge. I am excited about this milestone and the opportunities it creates for the company, customers, and partners around the world.
By combining the two companies, we are now the established leader in the enterprise, value-based communications segment. This segment spans from small businesses to large enterprises and includes organizations looking for all the advantages of Unified Communications (UC) at a fair price. These companies will benefit from our complementary product portfolios, which include solutions that are reliable, robust, supported 24/7, available on-premise or in the cloud, and come with a low total cost of ownership – making us the best value out there for customers.
Additionally, by bringing together Asterisk and FreePBX under one roof, we can further enhance the mission of the two projects. Both projects are different – Asterisk is an open source communication development platform, and FreePBX is an open source PBX, built on Asterisk. As such, they are complementary and we fully intend to continue each project. The level of cooperation between the teams should improve and allow us to better position each project to meet the needs of the users. And, we will be able to better coordinate interaction with both communities now that they can be managed from one organization.
With the ability to leverage Sangoma and Digium’s complementary businesses, products, people, and channel, I have no doubt we will continue fantastic organic growth. We are projected to increase revenue to about $100 million within the next year. We have scale and resources to do some exciting things in the future.
To signify the combining of the two companies, we wanted to come up with logo treatments that reflected the merger. The melding of the two logos is our way of doing that. It includes Sangoma blue, Digium orange, and the Asterisk speech bubble to represent the basis for all of our products. Look for it as we begin weaving into our marketing materials.
Here at Sangoma, we are excited as we have become a stronger company with a brighter future, and we are looking forward to the possibilities ahead.

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