Voicemail, What Voicemail?

Sure, from a personal level, many folks believe that the voicemail is going the way of the fax machine or the dodo bird.  Will the voicemail become a relic only used by those stuck in the past? Or, will it disappear completely, at least, as we know it today?  Text messaging and other applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other instant-communication services often negate the need for voicemail; however, as a business communications tool, voicemail is still invaluable.

Of course, the typically-envisioned idea of voicemail as a clunky, voice-prompt-controlled, difficult service is being challenged by today’s enhanced voicemail solutions. In fact, the Switchvox business phone system includes many advanced voicemail functions. Functions like voicemail to email help to keep voicemail messages easily accessible, whether on your corporate phone system or not. Switchvox visual voicemail allows prompt review and response of messages in an order that you feel is most beneficial.  And, with internet-accessible and softphone-enabled user controls, it’s now possible to customize, retrieve and respond to voicemails and greetings quickly and effectively. As a bonus, it doesn’t even require special programming codes, following voice prompts, or complex dial-in access.

Using administrator configuration, it’s even possible to allow callers to be re-routed to another destination based upon a key press.  For example, it would be possible to record a greeting that states: “I am out of the office, you may leave me a voicemail or, for more prompt service, please press zero now to speak to another member of the XYZ Company Sales team.” 

The bottom line, both you (the user), your administrators, and your clients/customers thrive when there is a choice. Rather than limiting you to a complicated voicemail access system, Switchvox provides choice for access and configuration. Additionally, Switchvox enables administrators to empower their user base to perform tasks on their own, such as voicemail greetings. And for end-users/callers, the choice becomes, “How do I want my call to be handled?”

Next Steps

If you’re running Switchvox, try out these advanced Switchvox Voicemail options today, through your Web User Portal.  And if you’ve got an older, less flexible phone system, take a test drive and see how Switchvox can enhance your business communications, with enhanced voicemail and other enterprise-class features, at a cost every business can afford.

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