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Virtual Contact Center Image

Virtual Contact Center Features That Are Essential

In case you missed it, the business world is going through some growing pains as organizations grapple with the unique challenges of staying in contact …

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woman typing on laptop Remote Workers

Working from Home? Here’s Some Tips

As a Unified Communications (UC) provider, Sangoma has seen the potential for workspaces to stay more connected than ever while becoming flexible enough to allow …

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Conference Call Etiquette Productivity

10 Conference Call Etiquette Tips to Make Your Remote Meetings More Productive

What Is a Conference Call? Briefly, let’s start at the very beginning. A conference call is a telephone call in which more than two people …

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How to Sell cars with UC

How to Sell Cars with UC

The automotive market is incredibly interesting. It is incredibly saturated, yet, with ups and downs, demand for new and used vehicles remains fairly steady. Millennials …

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End of Life Systems Image

Technology Reaching End of Life? Why You Should Care…

Ever heard of Moore’s Law? You probably have. Tech journalism rehashes the basic idea of Moore’s Law every time some big name chip manufacturer releases …

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Person holding reading glasses in front of computer screen

The Basics of Phone System Virtualization

There has been a lot of buzz about cloud computing for well over a decade, and it continues to be adopted by companies in every …

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Image_Cutting the cord

What to Know about the ISDN Switch Off

Often, one technology has to be retired to make way for newer, more efficient technology. Wooden ships that relied solely on wind and tides gave …

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IP Phones for Business Image IP Phones

Advantages of IP Phones for Business

The process of choosing a new phone system is broad, with many steps involved. Naturally, some parts of the process seem to be less important …

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Engaged with Unified Communications Image Mobility

Workforce Communications Solutions Keep Mobile Workers Engaged

Recent Trends in Workforce Communications The people who make up today’s workforce and the way they approach their careers have undergone a dramatic change with …

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Government Phone System Image

Which Phone System Deployments are Right for Government Agencies?

Every government agency is different, and the considerations that are most important to their technology decisions are as varied as the valuable work they perform …

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Streamlining Government Agencies with Unified Communications IVR

Unified Communication for Government

With tight budgets and long timelines, government agencies cannot afford to allow their technology to become old and more prone to critical failures. Offices must …

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Women in a Healthcare Office Customer Experience

The Advantages of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for Healthcare

One of the best ways to stand out in the healthcare industry is to provide a level of customer service that counters the stereotype of …

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person using Switchvox on laptop Product Releases

Drum Roll Please: Announcing Switchvox 7

Here’s some exciting news: The latest version of our award-winning Unified Communications platform, Switchvox 7, is now available! This is a big deal. It marks …

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Office Worker Take a phone call using Sangoma's Unified Communications tools Productivity

How Unified Communications Boosts Workplace Productivity

Many organizations fuss around with different apps and new gizmos hoping to find the magic bullet solution to increasing their workplace productivity. But a growing …

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colored pencils and stack of books in front of a chalkboard Legacy Phone Systems

Five Best Practices for Upgrading Your School’s Legacy Phone System

Schools today have a lot on their plates. They educate thousands for a future of success while working with tight budgets and tough decisions. With …

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Blurred Image of Emergency Vehicles VoIP

Enhanced 9-1-1 and Phone System Compliance

Emergency situations are always stressful and urgent. Today, at least, we have the good fortune of living at a time when our means of responding …

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fireworks over city skyline Press Releases

Starting the Year with a Bang! – Our Most Recent Awards

It’s a great time to be in the Unified Communications (UC) market! Market trends show that businesses are choosing UC when buying new or upgrading …

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black and white graphic with charts and graphs Cost Savings

State of Phone System Buying 2019

In the near future, those entering the workforce will have no memory of what the workplace looked like before Unified Communications (UC). They will have …

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person using pen to point at computer screen IP Phones

How Unified Communications Simplifies Phone System Management

Maintaining and administering phone systems has not always been easy. And, as businesses need more and more functionality, phone systems have become more advanced to …

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person selecting a checkbox above a smiling face image

Why Phone System User Experience is Important

Ever tried to open a door with a vertical handle by pulling it, only to find it’s a “push door”? Or a door with an …

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Glowing Blue Cables with Binary Code Network Security

The Place of VoIP Firewalls in Your Network

Session border controllers (SBCs) are often used to ensure the security of a PBX network. But implementing an SBC into a network does not necessarily …

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Digital Lock with Binary Code Network Security

Session Border Controllers – The Standard for VoIP Security

In the Unified Communications (UC) market, you hear a lot about the future because Voice over IP (VoIP) is the direction communication is headed. It …

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woman at table typing on laptop next to cellphone and coffee

What is Presence in Unified Communications?

It’s Wednesday in the office. The phone rings; oh, just a fax, which very loudly starts printing out. You have a question for a coworker, …

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busy interstate with sun setting in background

What Can Unified Communications Merge?

Unified Communications (UC), simply put, is a platform designed to merge all the real-time and asynchronous communication tools businesses use into a single solution. The …

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pile of orange autumn leaves

Why It’s So Important to Take the Day Off (and How UC Can Help!)

The US Travel Association in its 2018 State of the American Vacation report estimates that 52% of US workers have at least one unused paid …

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three people with phone headsets and chat bubbles Customer Experience

Improving Customer Service with UC

The three ‘C’s of customer service are convenience, collaboration, and communication. Unified Communications (UC), by merging business communications from many sources into one platform, elevates …

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compare hosted voip providers VoIP

Important Questions to Ask when Comparing Hosted VoIP Providers

While an on-premise PBX setup can be right for some businesses, many organizations, especially SMBs, are better served by hosted options. When you compare hosted …

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Unified Communications Defined and Other Terms to Know

Unified Communications Defined and Other Terms to Know

Unified Communications is at the heart of the solutions that Sangoma provides. Because we’re immersed in it, it can be easy to forget that not …

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Unified Marketing Grows Business How-To

Unified Marketing Strategy Will Grow Your Business

Unified Marketing Strategy Running a profitable business relies on two major components: innovation and marketing. Innovation creates and renews the business by providing a solution …

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National IT Professionals Day How-To

How to Celebrate National IT Professionals Day

Think of all the technology your business relies on to conduct its day-to-day activities. Most likely, your business would either be impossible or incredibly difficult …

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open office space with desks, chairs, and computers Call Center

Does Your Business Have a Call Center?

Call centers are an obvious necessity for large enterprises, but many small and medium-sized businesses are left grappling over whether or not they need call …

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person pointing at icon with gears Switchvox

Benefits of Unified Communications Technology

When you think of the tools that a business requires to not only thrive but even just to survive, communication technology certainly takes pride of …

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