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Malcolm Davenport

Director of Product Management
Global Scale of Operations and Cooperation Global

A Staggering Scale of Operations and Cooperation

Aloha! Sangoma is well known as a global leader in business communications tools for voice, video, chat, and collaboration. We have hundreds of employees dedicated …

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Tiles with user icons displayed on them PBXact

The Positive Benefits of a User-First, not Cloud-First or Prem-First, UC Portfolio

Sangoma has many unique positions. A lot of companies can say that. A lot of companies do say that. Sometimes unique positions are things that …

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Working From Home - Person holding a sleeping baby on their shoulder

The Abundant Usefulness of Wireless DECT Devices in a Work-from-home Reality

Let’s talk about 2019. In 2019, I worked in an office, the Huntsville office, just about every day. If I wasn’t visiting another Sangoma office …

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