Leo D'Alessandro

Product Marketing Manager

For Large Retailers, Hope Still Remains for Integrated Service T1 Gateways

For SMBs in search of a solution to transmit basic data to your central office or headquarters, there exist many more options today than in …

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Benefits of Mobility in the Modern Workforce

For many professions, work is no longer about where a person is, but how much they can accomplish independent of where they are. Unified Communications (UC) takes …

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computer with Switchvox desktop softphone Mobility

Introducing the New Desktop Softphone for Switchvox

  As part of our dedication to enriching the Switchvox ecosystem with new features, we are pleased to announce the release of the new Switchvox …

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woman typing on laptop Mobility

Why the Softphone is Vital for Today’s Workforce

When you look at today’s workforce, it’s easy to notice the shift occurring from employees working exclusively in office to an increasingly remote workforce. Initially, …

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person swiping credit card Telephony cards

Large Retailers Trust Sangoma for their Data Network Solutions

The telephony card market in general has been agreeably declining for some time. Despite this, Sangoma’s telephony card division has continued to show tremendous strength, …

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overhead view of paper origami boats Switchvox

Switchvox in Review: What the Best Value in UC Has to Offer

In today’s saturated market of business phone system solutions, it is not easy to decide which one is the right choice for your business needs. …

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time lapse of city at night with cars Network Security

Extend the Life of Your Data Wide Area Network with Sangoma A-Series Telephony Cards

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person opening door to hotel room gateways

VoIP Gateways & Their Role in Cost Savings for the Hospitality Industry

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city buildings lit up at night gateways

The Importance of VoIP Gateways in Today’s IP Centric Telecommunication Environment

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