Laura Jane Good

Campaign & Content Specialist

Mobility for Auto Dealerships

In the auto industry, there are many teams within a dealership hoping to achieve a singular goal: sell cars. And doing so today requires sales …

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Session Border Controller

[Infographic] Mitigating Common VoIP Security Threats

Common VoIP Security Threats   Toll Fraud A common attack against business phone systems where the malicious agent attempts to gain access to your long-distance, …

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Ways to Improve School Safety with UC

Educators and administrators are tasked with keeping students safe as they go through the school day. From homeroom to the car line, quick and reliable …

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Person typing on a laptop

Top Ways to Boost Teacher-Parent Communications with UC

Teachers are already successful communicators, but there’s only so much time in a day. Adding additional resources to the school classroom can help educators maintain …

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Choosing between On-Premise and Cloud? Here’s How.

The debate around which phone system method reigns supreme has been building for years. Most modern vendors will offer either a hosted or on-premise offering, …

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Stress-Free Mobility for Government

With the implementation of the Telework Enhancement Act in 2010, there’s been a notable movement to remote and mobile working options for government employees. And …

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Common Fears about Upgrading a Legacy Phone System

There comes a time when every business must reconsider its phone system. Maybe the current equipment is too old or faulty or maintenance fees are …

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Unified Communications Features that Revolutionize Government Offices

As a modern-day government employee, you’re hyperconnected. Whether you’re out in the field, engaging with constituents, responding to emails, or answering countless calls, you rely …

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