Emily Arnold - Contributing Author

Emily Arnold

Contributing Author
person holding cellphone in school classroom Switchvox

Switchvox & Quicklert: Making Schools Safer with UC

Safety has always been a top priority for schools. However, in light of recent events, ensuring staff and student safety has taken on a much …

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person with notebook using cellphone Success Stories

3 Ways School Mass Alert Notifications Are Enhanced with Unified Communications

Communicating information to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people is a common occurrence for schools. Sending home a note with the kids or putting information on …

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students in classroom raising their hands IP Phones

3 Ways Unified Communications Connects Your Campus with Intercom and Paging

More often than not, schools are operating on tight budgets and have to make tough decisions when purchasing technology. That’s one reason why so many …

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laptops and papers on top of wooden table

How Small Businesses Make Smart Tech Decisions

Small businesses are the heartbeat of America. According to the US Small Business Administration, there are 30.2 million small businesses in the US, which makes …

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woman at call center wearing headset Mobility

8 Technical Considerations When Upgrading Your Call Center Phone System

Call Center Phone System: 8 Technical Considerations When Upgrading Moving to a VoIP-based call center phone system can bring substantial savings for organizations. In fact, …

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cartoon of call center employees at computers Call Center

8 Must-Have Call Center Phone System Features

Call Center Phone System: 8 Features to Look for How to Choose a Phone System For Call Center The idea of upgrading to a new …

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