Casey O'Loughlin, Content Writer, Sangoma

Casey O’Loughlin

Content Writer, Sangoma
2022 Internet Telephony Product of the Year award

Sangoma Receives 2022 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award

Sangoma Technologies Corporation (TSX: STC; Nasdaq: SANG) (“Sangoma” or the “Company”), a trusted leader in delivering cloud-based Communications as a Service solutions for companies of …

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UCaaS and the Automotive Industry: Should Wheels be the Next to Hit the Cloud?

For so long, the automobile industry has been a consistent field. Reinforced by the needs of every potential customer segment — as consumers, businesses and …

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Remote work security

How to Solve Remote Work Security Issues

In today’s business landscape, remote work has become an increasingly accepted practice. Whether initiated because of COVID-19 restrictions, employee-friendly policy or simple practicality, the fact …

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Quick Guide to Cybersecurity and Digital Privacy Policies

The concept behind cybersecurity and digital privacy policy has been around for decades, tracing its origin to the 1974 U.S. Privacy Act. This legislation – …

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hybrid communications

Hybrid Communications and the Benefits of Choosing an All-Inclusive Provider

How are your communications hosted? In today’s business world, organizations are constantly looking for that next advantage, often based on the answer to that question. …

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team collaboration software

Tips for Upgrading Your Team Collaboration Platform

Team Collaboration software can be a vital part of your organization’s success. As companies face more instances of employees working from remote locales, they also …

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At Your Service: An “As-a-Service” Guide to Sangoma’s Portfolio

Sangoma offers a full set of “as-a-Service” (aaS) offerings designed to meet the needs of the modern business. This family of cloud-based options includes externally …

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Joel Poythress, EVP of Global Sales at Sangoma Captures Coveted 2022 CRN Channel Chief Recognition

Sangoma Technologies Corporation (“Sangoma”) (TSX: STC; NASDAQ: SANG), an industry leader in delivering cloud-native Communications-as-a-Service solutions for businesses of all sizes, is pleased to announce …

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Sangoma Meet Virtual Backgrounds Collaboration

Introducing Sangoma Meet Virtual Backgrounds

With remote work now a part of the norm, workers can meet from virtually anywhere. A feature-rich, reliable and secure video conferencing platform is a …

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remote work adoption Collaboration

Remote Work Adoption Challenges & Solutions with UCaaS and Connected Workspace

As we head into a new year, many of us reflect on the year before to see what we’ve learned and how we might apply …

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Collaboration with Video Conferencing Collaboration

Evolution of Email: Best Practices for Embracing Team Collaboration Software

With remote work on the continual rise, organizational reliance on team collaboration software is always growing. Team-based sharing, instant messaging and other forms of communication …

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Sangoma Meet Video Conferencing Desktop CaaS

Sangoma Releases New & Improved Solutions, Delivers Enhanced Experience To Partners & Customers

Sangoma Technologies Corporation (“Sangoma” or the “Company”) (TSX: STC), a trusted leader in delivering cloud-based Communications-as-a-Service (“CaaS”) solutions, recently released solution improvements to their partner …

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Hybrid work from home on laptop Cloud

The Era of Hybrid Work: Common Trends in the Shift to Flexible Offices

The world as we know it seemingly changes by the day. Today’s businesses – whether due to regulations, logistics, convenience or some combination of the …

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Top UCaaS Trends for Year’s End and Beyond Cloud

Top UCaaS Trends for Year’s End and Beyond

Today’s Unified Communications as a Service offerings represent a “fundamental shift in business communications.” This form of pay-per-use service embraces cutting-edge technology to go beyond …

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UCaaS Beginners Guide Cloud

Your End-to-End UCaaS Guide

In recent years, organizations have been thrust into remote and hybrid work scenarios. Companies of virtually every size were forced to adopt new delivery models …

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Contact center employees on headsets Call Center

CCaaS & Its Role In The Contact Center’s Future

The CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) movement continues to grow as contact center capabilities become increasingly outsourced. This popular model of app deployment allows …

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Sangoma Wins 2021 Visionary Spotlight Award For Digital Transformation

Sangoma Technologies Corporation, a trusted leader in delivering cloud-native Communications-as-a-Service solutions for businesses of all sizes, today announced that they were recognized as a 2021 …

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Students sitting down at desktop computers in a school library Cloud

The Continuing Journey Of Cloud Education Technology

School’s out for summer, so this is the perfect time to reflect on the learning technologies that help students and teachers succeed. With the chaos …

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Woman wearing a mask taking a restaurant order on a cell phone Cloud

Returning Back To Normal Part 3: Restaurants

Throughout this series, we have been exploring the impact of COVID-19 on various industries, and how organizations are recovering. One sector that was hit particularly …

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Woman shopping at retail store with face mask Cloud

Returning Back To Normal: Part Two – How The Cloud Is Enabling Retail

In part one of this series, we covered how organizations are now looking ahead to the next phase of the pandemic. Many changes are taking …

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Distance Learning Systems

Distance Learning Systems & Modernizing Education Technology

The education sector is now in unchartered waters, as schools across the globe prepare to re-open for the 2020-2021 year via distance learning. COVID-19 is …

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IP Phone Systems will replace PSTN by 2025

The US PSTN Migration & Adoption Of VoIP

On January 31, 2014, the FCC voted unanimously in favor of deactivating the United States of America’s public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines in favor of a …

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Unified Communications features

Top 10 Favorite Unified Communications Features

Unified Communications (UC) is a quickly growing phenomenon worldwide. It allows individuals and businesses to connect in unprecedented ways, starting with making local to international …

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hosted vs cloud

The Difference Between Cloud Services & Hosted Services

It seems as if everyone has their own definition of cloud services and hosted services. In truth, hosted and cloud services are very similar — …

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hosted UC

The Top 5 Benefits Of Hosted UC

Stop and think about why you are looking into Unified Communications (UC) for your company. Are you trying to keep up with the trends? Is …

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hosted uc

What Is Hosted Unified Communications?

Over the last several years, we have seen a big shift in the way businesses share information and collaborate on projects. The days of using …

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Alexander Graham Bell

Things You May Not Know About Alexander Graham Bell

The next time you pick up your iPhone, stop and think about how it all got started. Long before there was Steve Jobs, there was …

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UC integration

UC Integration: How It Works

Technology lingo can often be difficult to understand. Until you have spent time working with or discussing terms such as Unified Communications (UC), UCaaS, and …

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email marketing best practices

6 Email Marketing Best Practices You Should Try This Fall

Email marketing can be one of the most polarizing forms of marketing communication. Sending a carefully-crafted email to the right person at the right time …

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Shoretel Mitel

UCaaS Market Rocked Again by Mitel / ShoreTel Merger

Just weeks after Toshiba announced the closing of their business phone division, Unified Communications’ (UC) constituents are experiencing another market-altering development with the acquisition of ShoreTel …

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The Top Three Benefits of Presence Technology

If your enterprise has been researching unified communications solutions in recent months, chances are you have read and heard about some of the technology’s most …

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National Telephone Day

Celebrating National Telephone Day

Imagine a world without global unified communications, before it was possible to call, text, or videochat anyone you’d like to from that small portable computer …

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Time In Space: Without Our Watches We Would Be Lost

Most don’t realize the connection between time keeping and navigation. Until a clock that remained accurate at sea could be developed, mariners could only guess …

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The Best & Most Secure Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone System

The VoIP Reviews Are In, And Sangoma Has The Best And Most Secure Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone System Secured Voice Over IP (VoIP): Cloud-based …

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