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Digital Interface Rendering Customer Experience

Make Your Common Voice Prompts More Extraordinary

Most of us are quite used to interacting with pre-recorded voice prompts to help guide us to our desired virtual destination or complete daily transactions …

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Old Telephone hanging from a red door. It probably needs to be upgraded to Switchvox Customer Experience

IVRs: 4 Things You Really Don’t Need to Say

Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs) are a great way to offer a warm greeting to callers, simple instruction or guidance to the right department, or a …

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woman talking on mobile phone Customer Experience

5 Tips for the Best IVR Messaging and IVR Script

Why is IVR Messaging Important? If your company has an IVR auto attendant system, chances are good that it might be the very first impression …

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Background Image with Blue Colors Asterisk

Asterisk Sound Files 101: Part 2!

This article digs a little deeper into file aspects, characteristics, and offers some helpful conversion “tricks!” Allison: Rod, lots of clients ask for A or …

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sound waves Asterisk

Asterisk Sound Files 101!

Need a little help mastering Asterisk sound files? In an interview with Rod Montgomery, I get him to share some great tips and answers to …

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