Large Retailers Trust Sangoma for their Data Network Solutions

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The telephony card market in general has been agreeably declining for some time. Despite this, Sangoma’s telephony card division has continued to show tremendous strength, year after year, specifically in the retail sector.

Generally, large multi-location retail businesses have a lot of store data to transmit from each location, in real-time, to headquarters, including inventory and point-of-sale (POS) information. The data is transmitted using a Wide Area Network (WAN) router. This collects all the data within the store location and sends the raw data to headquarters over an internet connection. Back in the day, the WAN router was a small appliance device with a telephony card integrated into it and a T1 line connection serving as the internet connection.  SD-WAN failover

Today, large retailers invest in software-based data WAN routers (SD-WAN). These are more cost effective than a cable or DSL internet connection. But they also need a reliable failover connection since any network downtime would be catastrophic for the business. The use of 4G LTE might be a viable solution, but it is not the most reliable. That’s why retailers opt for the T1 connection.

Sangoma leads the market in supporting reliable SD-WAN failover solutions for large retail organizations using a T1 internet connection. Sangoma’s A-series T1 telephony cards have been dominating the market sector since 1984. These cards are still being installed in appliances of large vendors and OEMs and relied upon to support some of the largest Point-of-Sale (POS) T1 SD-WAN failover solutions in the world.

In North America, Sangoma’s customers include leading grocers, pharmacies, and retail stores with thousands of cards deployed in each project. Not only are they being used for reliable failover SD-WAN solutions, but they also serve as drop-in replacement solutions for active deployments with obsolete hardware.  

If you are an OEM looking for an SD-WAN solution to integrate into your product, Sangoma A-series T1/E1 cards are the perfect choice for you. They are highly compatible with most commercial grade appliances and, with the API and driver suite, create a custom all-in-one offering.  

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