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The world of sales has changed significantly in recent years, mainly driven by advancements in technology. The sales organization has been influenced by technology available to customers, which has drastically increased the amount of information accessible to buyers to help them with purchasing decisions. Internal sales processes have also been altered thanks in part to the advancement of communications technology. It’s easier than ever for a company to automate sales processes and to better utilize email and instant messages, and collaborate online with clients. All of this allows a sales organization to communicate with prospective customers in new and innovative ways. Even with these technological advancements, face-to-face interaction is still vital to a sales organizations as buyers still require more personal interactions, especially when discussing and negotiating large business deals.

This need for face-to-face contact with customers brings about several challenges for a company’s sales leadership team. The obvious challenges include increased travel costs, disconnected remote employees, and lack of visibility into employee activity and performance. Outside sales people are often sent out on the road to generate business and only check in from time to time with management to give a status update. Some salespeople thrive on this type of freedom and are very successful, but others require daily interaction. With legacy communications systems there’s typically no way to manage a remote employee’s day-to-day performance or have any idea of their current location, how many calls are being made, or what’s going on in real-time – without calling. If not managed, this lack of visibility can lead to low productivity, lost deals, and unhappy customers.

For those companies looking for a solution to this problem, Unified Communications (UC) systems provide the features and tools which shine a light on the daily performance of your mobile workforce. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways Switchvox UC gives management visibility into your mobile employees:

Mobile Softphone for Desktop, iOS, and Android:  

The Switchvox Softphone is the key to visibility into your remote and mobile workers as it connects them to the phone system in the same way office employees are connected. Mobile workers are given the same feature set, including call control, call recording, access to the full contact list, and visual voicemail.


Switchvox includes a robust reporting engine that gives managers the information they need to make sound decisions and track the performance of their teams. When mobile workers use the Switchvox Softphone for their communications, managers can track their statistics exactly the same way as office-based employees. Now, managers can know how many calls an employee makes, the call and wait times for that individual, and the number of unanswered or abandoned calls for every employee, regardless of work location.


Status is a great feature for a manager because it allows them to see the current location and work-status of any individual, in real time. Managers can make updating their status a required function of an employee’s day-to-day routine, allowing the manager to keep tabs on their location.


The Switchboard is an essential tool for any sales manager. It gives them real-time visibility into the entire company’s communications, including status information for every user, instant analytics for queues or call groups, click-to-record, monitor, and whisper functionality for training. Since the Switchvox Softphone connects mobile workers to the system in the same way office-based employees are connected, all these features apply to your remote staff.

Switchvox is the perfect solution for companies with mobile employees. To see for yourself how Switchvox can better connect you to your mobile staff, sign up for a demo with one of our Account Executives and experience the power of Switchvox for yourself.

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