6 Business Benefits of SIP Trunking

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The business world is saturated with various IP telephony solutions because of the multiple benefits they provide. One type of solution is SIP trunks (or SIP trunking), which continues to be a cost saving and flexible solution for businesses of all sizes. Here are 6 of the business benefits of SIP trunking:


  1. ROI, ASAP: SIP Trunking doesn’t require a significant capital expenditure (if any at all), yet it immediately reduces business spending and pays for itself, generally speaking, within less than one year.
  2. Leverages Broadband: Because SIP trunks are delivered over IP with a modern broadband circuit, oftentimes the compression will allow for more call volume vs. T1 / PRI services.
  3. More Efficient Communications: SIP trunking streamlines all communications methods, enabling you to chose whichever medium is the most efficient for you: voice, video, instant messaging, chat, conference, voicemail to email, etc.
  4. Reduces Call Cost: The number one reason businesses switch to SIP trunking is for the cost savings, which can cut monthly communications costs by 25-60%.
  5. Increases Productivity: SIP trunking improves the collaboration of your workforce by creating the ability to seamlessly connect employees across all locations.
  6. Reliable: SIP Trunking is very stable. Rather than being at the mercy of local events such as power or circuit outages, SIP trunking can automatically be rerouted to other offices or mobile phones.

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