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Person on a laptop, researching What is WebRTC

What is WebRTC and What is it Good For?

WebRTC is…everywhere. WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a technology that allows Web browsers to stream audio or video media, as well as to exchange useful

Busy sidewalk with close up from behind of a business person walking on a moving sidewalk
Remote Work

Returning Back To Normal: Part One

It’s impossible to say for certain that the pandemic is winding down. At this point, health experts are still trying to reign in COVID-19 and

migrating pieces of a puzzle with pictures of communication elements on them such as gears or cogs for settings, location icon, a globe, and network icon.

6 Tips For A Smooth Collaboration Migration

Communication and collaboration platforms skyrocketed in use following the outbreak of Covid-19, among organizations across all verticals. For example, by March 2020, Microsoft Teams an

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