Are Softphones or Deskphones Better?

Good Better Best in 3D LettersOn September 1, I wrote a blog titled “Why People Still Use Deskphones”. And I got a few questions mainly along the lines of: “Are Softphones or Desktphones Better?”

Well, like I said in the blog,  it’s not a question of which is better, it’s more a question of which is better for your use case. But I guess that wasn’t good enough since people wanted to know which one was ‘really’ better. Since we sell both, I should have a position on this.  

OK, I do have a position on this, so let me restate my position in different words. And yes, I use both, so my position is not just a company position, but also my personal position.  So…….they are both great, and it depends on the use case. I know some of you don’t like that answer, but that’s my answer.

With “hardphones”, it’s something people are used to.  They are there, they are on, they have conference and speakerphone ability. And I use this often when I want to be on speakerphone, or don’t necessarily want headphones on all day…

And with softphones, I hear many times people say they are cheaper. And yes, they may be cheaper to a point  – but you likely need a headset. And headsets can be similarly priced to phones.  

Softphones obviously are better for mobility purposes, and I use them also when I talk out of a conversation that started on our chat engine.

So it does depend on the use case, at least for me.

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