Introducing PBXact 15 Open Source

Online  |  July 23, 2020

Event Details

Building upon the most popular open source PBX platform, PBXact offers the best of both worlds: the innovation that only an open source community can create with the guaranteed reliability of a true commercial solution.

With version 15, PBXact receives several key updates to increase its utility and ease of use. These updates include:
Simplified system management with a redesigned backup and restore process
The ability to create custom backups and perform cross-version backups
An all-new Upgrade Wizard that helps FreePBX users easily upgrade to PBXact
Increased system performance with the transition from AGI to FastAGI
A preview of a new PBXact API powered by GraphQL to simplify integrations.

This webinar will guide you through all of the changes and demonstrate how the PBXact team continues to innovate while simplifying system administration and improving performance.

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