A Staggering Scale of Operations and Cooperation


Sangoma is well known as a global leader in business communications tools for voice, video, chat, and collaboration. We have hundreds of employees dedicated to the creation of amazing software solutions to solve all of your challenges. Sangoma provides affordable, easy-to-use services. We’re not only a leader in software, but we’re also a global leader in hardware.

At Sangoma, our communications hardware offerings run the gamut. We have all of the widgets that businesses of all sizes need to complement our services offerings. Today, in this short blog, I want to highlight the global aspect of this hardware business, to give you an idea about just how connected and dependent our world is.

Today’s Sangoma is very well known for many things, including our Desktop VoIP telephones. We have low-cost endpoints for the value-conscious sections of the market – for those that need reliable dial tone. We have mid-range telephones with amazing, unique features to fit any budget. And, we have executive models with the latest features and capabilities. To make our deskphones happen, we start with our Hardware Engineers who work in the United States. These engineers collaborate with our Software Engineers in the US, in Canada, and in India. These teams work with our component suppliers, who operate out of Germany, the United States, and China. And to turn all of this hard work into the tangible things on your desk, we have manufacturing partnerships.

We’re also known for our gateway products. For enterprises and small and medium businesses, we have analog gateways that are perfect for POTS replacement (combine them with our SIPStation trunking service!) and we have digital gateways for interconnecting legacy systems. We also have gateways for carriers, providing high-density solutions that support carrier protocols. To make our gateways happen, we turn to our Hardware Engineers in Canada and India. They work with our Software Engineers in the United Kingdom, India, Canada, and the United States. To build our gateways, we work with our manufacturing partners.

And if you’ve been with Sangoma for more than 15 years, you might know us for some of our line card products. We have analog cards and digital cards. We have cards that depend on host processing, and we have cards with massive DSP resources and powerful software. We remain the global leader in the plug-in card industry. Our card products depend, again, on Hardware Engineering in Canada, India, and the United States, software Engineering in those three locations plus the United Kingdom, and manufacturing partners in two different countries.

We coordinate all of this from our offices, but we also depend on our logistics partners operating internationally. They help us to deliver component parts made everywhere in the world to our manufacturing partners. Once the manufacturing partners assemble the products, logistics moves containers of our goods across oceans and into our warehouses, which we then empty as the products make their way to our global network of distribution partners in more than 100 locations across the globe, then on to thousands of reselling partners, and finally millions of end customers.

It’s a staggering scale of operations and cooperation that comes together to deliver a widget to an end customer, and I hope that this offers a sliver of insight into just how dependent we all are on each other. Together, Sangoma moves mountains.

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