A Hybrid Prem / Cloud UCaaS Deployment May Be Right for Your Business: Part 2

A Hybrid Prem / Cloud UCaaS Deployment Blog DiagramWhat might be some benefits to your company if your headquarters office was a prem UC deployment and your satellite offices were a cloud deployment?

I started writing this, and when I got to the end, I realized everything I wrote about the satellite offices was totally applicable to why a company would go to the cloud in the first place. So at a high level, we’re talking about the benefits of the cloud for the company:

  1. Employees in the satellite office “don’t have to deal with the phone system .”No dealing with updates, dialing plans, etc. Someone in HQ would do that.
  2. Getting DIDs, paying bills, figuring out trunking providers all had to be done from that office for that system. But if the system was a company system, all connected, much of this could be centralized more easily.
  3. When employees visit the different sites, they don’t need to ask how to dial out, etc. It’s the same no matter the location.
  4. Call overflow to other sites is easy. Let’s say the satellite locations also have some support organizations. It would be easy to put routing rules in place to have any type of volume overflow go to a site or a person, or specific types of calls go to a person, no matter the office location.

One benefit of a hybrid approach for the company is using the same collaboration tools. This might be obvious, but if the company had already decided to have a premise system in HQ and a cloud for everything else, it’s not “obvious” it could all be on the same system. There might be separate sets of tools if there are two different systems. In fact, there probably would be. If everyone in the company is on the same collaboration tools, it makes instant messaging, presence, screen sharing, etc., easy. Yes, you are thinking, I do this already since I’m remote. You are probably on a cloud system already or tied to a premise system, not in some hybrid structure.

Sangoma can provide this as we have the same software in the premise or cloud deployment.

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